Maringer Music to the rescue is more like it. When I contacted Maringer Music, I needed to get my artist Bebe Rexha ready for Lollapalooza in 2 weeks. They needed to create the show tape, find the players, and rehearse the band. All I have to say now is that we won't do anything musical without Maringer Music's involvement.

Paying, and hiring the musicians is seamless because Maringer Music has this incredible system they use to hire and pay all the musicians for any given job. This makes my job so easy, cause I give them the budget, they pay the bills, and everybody leaves smiling.

Hayden is by far the most talented guitarist I've ever met, but even a better Music Director, programmer and live show coach. And what's even more impressive is that his business sense is above and beyond anybody in his field of expertise. I'm now seeing if he can double himself and even be the tour manager, cause he's really the only person I trust when it comes to the live show and touring

Chris Anokute, (Manager, A&R Executive at Def Jam and Virgin/Capitol Records)